We heartily congratulate the Minister for Environment Mrs Amina Muhammed on her recent appointment as the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations to assist in fostering good governance, human rights and democracy, global peace and security.

This is a great news for Nigeria and the world particularly the Niger Delta as it will build more confidence in the youths with regards to the ‘Ogoni Clean Up Operation’ which was occasioned by the UNEP Report following massive pollution in Ogoni Land and other parts of the Niger Delta.

The President Comrade Victor James in an emergency meeting in London, broke the news to the attendees and there was a wide mood of happiness as they consider the appointment to be well deserved. The Niger Delta Youth Association (NDYA) World Wide has carried out massive consultation amongst Niger Delta Youths in relation to the Ogoni Clean Up which many have already concluded it is a scam due to inaction on the part of the Federal Government led by the Federal Ministry of Justice but with this development, hope is kept alive.

We believe that the United Nations will now focus its attention on the Ogoni Clean Up and also the clean up of other parts of the Niger Delta and expedite action on same through the Minister for Environment therefore this appointment is a huge welcome development and a ray of hope for the Region. It is worth celebration even as we look forward to meet in a round table discussion with the Hon Minister for Environment on the way forward. We pray God will continue to bless and empower You Ma’am on Your well deserved appointment.