The side you dont see – Niger delta political view

Two weeks ago I discussed about the separation of religion & ethnicity from politics of Nigeria as to enable equity and the rule of law cum development. However, to permit justice, environmentalism and development for the people of Niger Delta, there should be ‘Stabilization Clauses’ by the I.O.C (International Oil Companies). A clause often included in a host government agreement (HGA) or other international investment agreement that addresses how changes in law following the execution of the HGA are to be treated and the extent to which these changes modify the rights and obligations of the foreign investors under the HGA. A stabilization clause is a means for foreign investors to mitigate or manage the political risks associated with their project.

Yes, I repeat, I trust nobody within the current politics of Nigeria. Our politicians in Niger Delta and federal government are having a side deal with the IOC and pretending as if they care for the common man in Niger Delta. The youth across Niger Delta should wake up and stop allowing PDP and APC to blind nor con trick them. We need a well packaged sound mind, that shall not be perceived as tout nor hooligans to shift the current paradigm of power which I do refers to as oligarchy system governance made up of old godfather-ism. It is time for our youth to lead and nothing will stop us but we desperately need unity and love to kick them out.
God Bless Niger Delta and Nigeria.