A wake-up call by Niger Delta Youth Association worldwide

An influential body in the region, well known for advocating for human rights, accountability and development in Niger Delta.
In a statement by the founder and national president comrade Victor James with BBC in London and the chairman for United Kingdom chapter, comrade Eme Praise and some officials from United Nation.

Comrade Victor said, “It is becoming worrisome that most Nigerian voters have no idea of who they are voting for during elections. It seems as the votes follow the money men, this level of ignorance and behaviour is perpetuating and enabling the old men in politics.

He pointed out that, “These old men, are the creators and enablers of our corrupt system. I am not an ageist, I am an activist and I owe nobody loyalty. To make progress and end this cycle of disappointment facing our people, we need to make way for the new generation, time to give the young blood a chance.

“The only thing I care about is development of Niger Delta and for every Nigerian to live like the people of Kuwait. As for our Nigerian youth, am really not impressed, less a few exceptions, Nigerian youths are embracing and enslaving themselves freely to these old men in politics. They should believe that they hold the key and solutions instead of standing for president, governor, Senator etc, the would rather take cash from them.
What is this nonsense about wanting to be afrobeat stars, rappers, pop stars, we have work to do my brothers. Think of how to run the politics of your country, and if you genuinely talented, use these mediums to promote the cause!!! Tell the old people in politics that 70 percent of Nigerian population is youth and that they should sponsor you to be governor or president. That the entire nation is tired of grandfathers running the country.”